Help Me Send Out More Dolls!

As you may remember, in the summer of 2012 I created a campaign to raise money and deliver four hundred bald Bratz dolls to the children at the National Alopecia Areata Foundation convention in Washington DC. The campaign was incredibly successful and we raised enough money to buy a second round of dolls, which we have been delivering to kids at a variety of alopecia and pediatric cancer events over the last few years. Unfortunately, our funds have run out and we are looking for your support again.

My Story

I lost my hair to alopecia areata when I was sixteen years old. I know what it is like to struggle with hair loss at a young age, but I have grown to truly love being bald and always hope to spread my positive outlook to other kids facing hair loss.

How Many Kids We Have Helped

To date, we have handed out over six hundred dolls at four events, and have sent dolls to over seventy-five children. We still have over one hundred dolls waiting to find new homes.

I continue to encourage anyone to email me whenever they hear of a child who has been diagnosed with alopecia or has undergone chemotherapy. Nothing makes me happier than heading into our garage to select the perfect doll for another child who has lost his or her hair.

We Need Your Help

Although we have over one hundred dolls, we don’t have the money to cover the cost of shipping them or travelling to make personal deliveries. With so many children facing hair loss every day, I’m hoping that another small round of fundraising will help to cover the costs to deliver these dolls to the kids who really need them.

Please help us by donating big or small – $6 covers the cost of mailing one doll. We hope to raise enough money to cover shipping costs and personal deliveries over the holiday season and thereafter. Any extra money raised will be used to purchase new dolls or to help create our own "Bald Ali Doll."

Thanks for your love, your friendship and your support – you have all brought smiles to many bald children and I hope that, together, we can cheer up many more!

All my love, Ali

To see pictures of our doll deliveries, go to The Ali Bratz Project on Facebook:

*100% of the donations will be directly used to send out or hand-deliver the remainder of the dolls and any extra funds will be used to order more dolls or to create our own "Bald Ali Doll."
*Clicking the DONATE button will direct you to PayPal. If you would prefer to send me a check, email me at [email protected] for my address.
*I have yet to make this a public charity, so your donation will not be tax deductible. For this, I thank you even more! :)

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