Help me buy BALD dolls for kids who have lost their hair!

Most of you know that I lost my hair to alopecia areata when I was 16 years old. I have always tried to make the best of it, and have always felt that losing my hair was MEANT to happen to me. Here's why...

Many kids lose their hair and society often makes them feel like it's the end of the world. My experience with alopecia areata proved that it didn't have to be that way and as many of you know, I really love being bald! Looking different has opened so many doors in my life, both personally and professionally. I honestly feel lucky to have been given the chance to have alopecia areata, and I feel that I should share my positive experiences with kids who are facing the same challenges.

When I saw the Bratz and Moxie "True Hope" collection dolls pop up this past summer, I freaked out! The collection includes both girl and boy dolls without hair, and they even have no eyebrows - such a sweet nod to kids with alopecia areata! The dolls are adorable and amazing and I think every kid who has lost their hair because of alopecia areata or as a result of chemotherapy would feel comforted, empowered and COOL if they had one.

I realized The National Alopecia Areata Foundation was having their annual convention to support those with alopecia areata just 3 weeks after I first spotted the dolls. When I heard that there would be 400 children with alopecia areata at the convention, I knew what I needed to do!

I began an effort to raise $8,000 here and on Facebook so that I could bring "True Hope" dolls to the kids with alopecia areata at the convention in Washington, D.C. I knew that receiving a little bald doll, especially from me, would be a memorable and positive experience for each of these kids and their families.

In less than 1 week, we reached my initial goal of $8,000. The overwhelming response to the campaign was amazing! I continued the effort to raise more money so that we could buy more dolls, and by the time we went to the convention, we had raised over $12,000!

The experience in Washington D.C. was one I will never forget. The kids were ecstatic and in awe and just so excited to be able to take home a doll that looked just like them! The parents' reaction was even more overwhelming, as most of them were deeply touched and emotional about our effort and the success of project!

After I left Washington, I decided I wanted to expand my initiative so that I could purchase additional dolls and deliver them to children at the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Practice at The Mount Sinai Hospital and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) for kids who have lost their hair because of chemotherapy treatments. I know that bringing these dolls to kids suffering with such illnesses will bring them a smile, and if it is this easy to do it, I think we must!

To see pics of all of our doll deliveries, go to The Ali Bratz Project on Facebook:

Please help me continue to raise money so that we can order another batch of dolls!

Thank you so much for supporting my effort to make this happen. Your love, your friendship, and your donations mean the world to me and I will never EVER forget this!!!

All my love,


*100% of the donations will be directly used to purchase the dolls and for my participation at the convention.
*All remaining dolls will be donated.
*Clicking the DONATE button will direct you to paypal. If you would prefer to send me a check, email me at for my address.
*Because we began this project in such a rush to make it to the convention, there was not enough time to create a public charity, so your donation will not be tax deductible. For this, I thank you even more! : )

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Lindy Kinnan $100.00 In support of Cole
Grace Murphy $40.00 Ali you are an inspiration.
Joanna Segal $100.00 What a wonderful organization!
Anonymous Donor $50.00 This is such an inspiring cause! You've made it look so cool I kinda want to shave my head!!
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Kim Smith $100.00 Just found your site randomly and I'm in awe of you and what you're accomplishing. I'm so happy to help in a small way!
Florence Sofer $300.00 On the anniversary of my diagnosis - I am gifting $300 to the Ali Bratz Project to celebrate the work you do for children!!!
Stephanie Stephanie $100.00 Congrats on starting up such an incredible venture! We are proud to support you.
Cindy Haines $500.00 I just want to keep supporting this project. Ali and Mike, you guys are awesome! Thank you.
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Jill Jill $50.00 Love this Ali!! Happy to be a part of Round 2!
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Anonymous Donor $25.00 this is a great idea and will be so helpful for many children!
Ali Ali $100.00 Making kids smile and so much more
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Debbie O'Neill $20.00 You go GIRL!! Awesome what you are doing!!
Lisa and $60.00 Good luck, Ali! What a great project! xox
Amy Vallebuona-Lamberti $25.00 Ali-This is such an inspiring project. Good Luck in DC!
Michelle Michelle $25.00 Thank you for putting smiles on so many faces, including ours!
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Debra Caplan $500.00 Amazing! You are a star Ali! xxoo
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Meg and $20.00 You are beautiful and confident and such an inspiration to our lives and everyone else you come across in life!
Friends of $120.00 We love what you've done with your flair!
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Gal Gal $100.00 Had to give another round!!! So great what you are doing!
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Robin Brodsky $20.00 Good luck with your campaign!
Vanessa Steinberg $20.00 You set such a great example with your action and positivity. Update with pics of the kids with their dolls.
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Cissie Cissie $260.00 Ali, you are beautiful through and through and we are happy to help your inspirational cause and hope to meet you one day.
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Anonymous Donor $40.00 Ali- I literally had this page open on my computer and meant to donate like 5 days ago! Just got home to it and am SO happy to get to donate now. Amazing seeing you today (you're always glowing!) and I can't wait to hear how it goes with the kids :)
Cindy Cindy $50.00 Ali, you are amazing and inspirational!! We love you!
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Ruthellen $5.00 haha - I just had to put you over 10,000!
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